Vitruvian Man Project



This project challenged Anatomy and Figure Drawing students to examine and then create their own proportional systems based on existing or imaginary characters. Through careful examination, students created an accurate rendering of a character which corresponded to their unique proportions. Much like Leonardo di Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, students aligned their figures to either a six or twelve foot grid to convey the character’s height and associated proportions.

Click here to see all of the responses to this project.


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Color Investigations


Additional Foundations of Art projects are on display! Students explored how to mix essentially any color by carefully combining the primary colors and white. The current paintings, I call “Color Investigation Panels” are based on recently delved more deeply into color mixing during the free-form color investigation a lesson designed by Olivia Gude. These paintings, inspired by modern painters like Paul Klee (left)Image result for paul klee explore developing a wide variety of colors within a specific hue. Each student chose a base hue and then filled the canvas with many variations of that hue by mixing the hue with black (shade), white (tint), the hue’s complementary (creating neutral colors) as well as mixing with analogous colors (tertiary colors). Students then explore the base hue’s complement as well as applying accent colors as they saw fit.


Stop by Main Street to see this complex, but harmonized spectrum of color! Here are a few fantastic examples below:


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Color on Display


Lots of color is on display in on Main Street as well as in the Media Center. Foundations of Art classes recently completed surreal, cut-paper landscapes. The project asked students to re-create a landscape photograph using only cut pieces of colored paper. Creative use of line to form shapes and color to divide spaces were employed to show emphasis, convey depth and atmosphere. The colors chosen had to be opposite the ones found on an original photograph. To begin, students drew mock-up drawings, to help plan how they’d convey forms and atmospheric perspective – not an easy task!



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Check out the Contest List 2018


For those eager to show off your art beyond NRHS, check out this contest list. I update it as I learn of new contest and events. Please let me know if you want to submit any of your work into these great contests. I will be choosing the very best student pieces into the 2018-2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in mid-November.


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Inktober @ NRHS



Many artists at NRHS have expressed interest in “Inktober” which gives artists of all ages 31 prompts for every day of October. All prompts are up for interpretation of how to respond. I decided to make an Inktober board (currently located outside of AR-8) Lots of artists have tacked their sketches up. Feel free to join us. On Halloween we will have a little Inktober party during 1st and 2nd powerblock. We hope you can join us!


Here’s the official Inktober site:


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Tennis Ball Value Study


Drawing by Jeny Collins

Students in Drawing and Painting recently completed the Tennis Ball Value Study drawing assignment which challenged them to draw realistic tennis balls. The objectives were to convey convincing form (3D translated on 2D surface) through fully exhausting a complete value scale (relative lightness or darkness of color).


Drawing by Nessren Ourdyl

The drawing process helped students become more comfortable with drawing spheres as well as conveying form without the use of contour lines. 

Pretty great results for just working on there drawings for two class lengths!


Drawing by Baylee Gellar






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Montserrat and MassArt Visit


Art Portfolio Preparation students have been given a concrete idea of what art schools are looking for in their first year students. Marisa from Montserrat (above) and Bryanna from MassArt have now both visited the AR-8 classroom. Both admission counselors offered candid and comprehensive perspectives on their respective schools. In addition, they


reserved time to meet with students to review their current portfolio pieces. This insight supports the curriculum well and gives students a great perspective on furthering their education to pursue creative fields.  For more information on both schools visit:



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