Mannequins in Motion!


Anatomy and Figure students combined their understanding of basic gesture lines, contour drawing and creating value through line in the “Mannequins in Motion” project.

They were asked to create a series of 6 drawings that convey a progression of motion. Web references were used to give a better visual of the progression of motion.  Students merged gesture marks they found in those images with direct observation sketches of wooden drawing mannequins.

The exhibit is currently on display on “Main Street.” We hope you can check it out!

IMG_8774IMG_8775 (1)IMG_8776 (1)IMG_8777

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Still Life Compositions


Students in Drawing and Painting recently completed a fall-themed still life unit. As a pre-assessment to the unit, students rendering realistic apples with colored pencils and this assignment invited them to experiment with pastels and tinted papers.

The patience and perseverance to complete a still life drawing that possesses a clear light source as well as accurate color application is a true challenge. My hope is that students gained the feeling of satisfaction as each class passed. The development of form (3D shapes conveyed on a 2D surface) is easy to see in any of these fine student works. Please stop by the “Main Street” exhibit to see all of the compositions on display. Click here to see more examples

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New Artwork on Display


I apologize for the delay in posting new student artwork. The studio classroom has been bustling with activity. Many projects are currently on display on “Main Street” as well as the Media Center. Here are some of the recent responses to the Color Grid 2.0 painting assignment. This series of paintings examines the use of primary and secondary colors along with tints and shades of each color. Students mixed all colors from scratch except for the primary colors and applied them in a unique and creative composition.


For many, this project represented their first paintings with full choice and development of composition. Some used reference images for inspiration, while others spontaneously developed patterns and designs. We practiced use of flat and detail round brushes.


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Teen STE(A)M CAFE @ Flint – Date Change


This event has been rescheduled for January 31st at 6:30

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“Apple A Day” Drawings


To help warm up Drawing and Painting and Art Portfolio students, we recently created quick, two-class length drawings of apples. This was an exercise in patience and careful observation. This drawing assignment challenged students to look closely at apples.


Beyond the obvious noticeable colors – red, green and yellow, they also discovered many subtle colors found in the highlights, midtones and shadows. By patiently overlaying colors, the unique features of the apples in their particular angle have come through. This quick exercise will help us ramp up for a more detailed, complex unit on still life drawing. Stay tuned!

Stop by Main Street at NRHS to check them all out!

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Line Landscapes from Foundations


Foundations of Art students have recently showcased their first major projects.  “Line Landscapes” are on display on Main Street. Students recreated a landscape – either a place they’ve been or want to go and could only use lines and patterns. The drawings were graded on use of a variety of line, coverage of pattern, creativity and craftsmanship. Click here to see many of the landscapes. Its wonderful to see so many students bringing work home to give their art more time. I’m sure you’ll share in my excitement of this exciting, highly detailed work.


Keith, Josh and Lyss help present the work



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Inline image 2
Bryana Gonzalez, an admissions counselor at MassArt has kindly shared this information about the upcoming National Portfolio Night. I am hopeful that those individuals interested or possibly interested in pursuing art school can attend.
From Ms. Gonzalez:
National Portfolio Day is a fantastic way for your students to gain feedback on their portfolios…from counselors like myself! Art and Design Schools from all across the country will be represented! 
Below is a list of all the locations in which MassArt will be attending! Best of all, it is a free event! I would encourage you, to encourage your serious art students to attend an NPD nearest them.
Because you are (relatively) local to us, I encourage students to visit schools they can not physically get too…they can always come on campus (and do a tour/see student work) at MassArt to do a review with us. However, if they would like to review with us at a Portfolio Day, they are more than welcome to join us!
A couple of tips:
– Students should show up early! Lines for registration can be long.
– Students should plan to see 3-4 schools. All National Portfolio days run for a max of 4 hours.
– Bigger name schools will have longer lines, best to get into those lines at the beginning.
– Students should plan to bring physical work with them OR uploading their work to a personal laptop/ipad etc. Counselors do not always have laptops available to see work. 
– Students should plan to spend about 10-15 minutes with each prospective school. They should be able to talk about their work in an articulate way. 
National Portfolio Day Dates (Mass Art attending near you):
Hartford NPD (October 21st), Boston NPD (October 22nd), NYC PD (November 12th).
Please click (HERE) to view a full list of dates and locations (scroll to bottom of page)
I will personally be at each of these events and I hope your students are able to take a part of this awesome opportunity!
Additionally, please feel free to take a tour of our campus and facilities via our new Virtual Tour!
I look forward to seeing you in the future!
All the best,
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