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District Art Show Poster 2018

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Jack Walsh Returns to NRHS


Powerblock students and D Block Foundations of Art were able to meet a unique artist on Wednesday. Mixed-media artist, Jack Walsh returned to NRHS to share his art and creative ambitions. Mr. Walsh specializes in bottle etchings and glass sculptures. He talked about the process of etching bottles from start to finish, which includes mastering a variety of tools and materials from sandblasters, ultraviolet films and polymers to design software applications and paints.

It was a really interesting presentation as Mr. Walsh brought in many pieces for students to closely observe and feel. Mr. Walsh is a glowing example of a person who has followed his passion through perseverance and enthusiasm. At the end of Mr. Walsh’s visit, students were able to consult Mr. Walsh for advice regarding their own recycled robot / embellished object projects.


Watch the process of creating etched bottles here! and here!

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Julie Beck Returns to NRHS

Ashes and Embers

Julie Beck “Ashes and Embers” 12 by 20/Oil on Canvas Panel, 2018

Students in A&B Block Drawing and Painting classes were very fortunate to meet and learn from realist artist (and much more), Julie Beck. She has graciously visited NRHS for three years and shared her fascinating story as an always-developing, professional artist and art teacher. Check out Julie’s art here

Julie started her schooling to be an engineer and later worked as a graphic designer. It wasn’t until the proper teachers came around that Julie began to embark on a path toward being a critically-acclaimed fine artist. She now sells her work in galleries throughout New England and also is a teacher and director at the Academy of Realist Art Boston.

Currently, students have been learning about abstract art, so Julie expressed that there is “room for everything” within the art realm. “Everything is okay as long as it is genuine” was her over-arching theme. There was so many inspirational and candid comments from this lecture. Julie Beck is a wonderful motivator and we hope she returns to NRHS on an annual basis. Want to meet Julie? Want to learn about classes at Julie’s school? Make sure to attend the Academy of Realist Art Boston’S Open House on April 13th from 5:30-8:30 at 112 South Street, Floor 2, Boston, MA 02111, (617) 426-3006

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Wire By Ryan Visits NRHS


Artist, Ryan Kelley visited NRHS last week to share his awe-inspiring wire sculpture art to a group of powerblock students last week. Mr. Kelley is self-taught and self motivated. He has refined a unique style of sculpture that transcends age and culture as it has sold all over the world and has received praise from young and old.


Mr. Kelley brought with him a tool box which contained some basic tools which he uses on any of his creations: multiple gauges of wire, wire cutters and needle-nosed pliers. He prides himself in the handmade process of his work and insists on developing beautiful work through countless hours of building, brainstorming and harvesting the ideal materials for each sculpture. There may be methods to making his trees on assembly lines but he insists there are no shortcuts to arriving at his end results.

Students were each given a piece of wire to manipulate. As Mr. Kelley’s lecture progressed he highlighted various techniques that the students were experimenting with that he also utilizes in his work.


Regardless of medium, Mr. Kelley wanted to reinforce the importance of broadcasting one’s own creations out to anyone and everyone. He is a huge fan of social media and sells most of his work through his Facebook and Instagram pages.

I hope Mr. Kelley visits NRHS again soon. Click here to check out his website, wirebyryan 



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Foundations of Art – Self Portraits on Display!


I’m so proud of my 60 Foundations of Art students who’ve recently conquered the self-portrait painting project. This project started out with a simple “selfie” using the iPad app, Posterify, a sharp 2H pencil and a piece of illustration board. Students carefully studied and transposed enlarged versions of their “selfie” images onto illustration board using observational drawing techniques and utilizing a 1:2 or 1:3 grid. They learned about studio art practices, from palette preparation and learning how to use various types of brushes, to self and peer critiquing processes.

Most of the end results are very interesting and aesthetically pleasing. What you see are several hours of critical analysis of a very intimate subject matter, the self-portrait. Most students have not only accurately mixed and applied paints but have further transformed colors, shapes and textures.


I’m so proud of my students for asking the “what if’s” and maintaining open minds throughout the critiquing processes.  The creative and self-discovery opportunities were constant throughout the project and this serves as somewhat uncharted territory for many.

We invite you to browse the “Main Street” portrait exhibit now on display. There will be approximately 50 portraits rotated in the exhibit and other school locations.


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NRHS Art at the Congressional Art Show


Kylie and Caitlin pose with their fine creations

A dynamic collection of six art entries were submitted to the Sixth Congressional  District Art Show and Competition. The entries included work students in Foundations of Art, Drawing and Painting and Portfolio Preparation. I always try to select work that isn’t just technically proficient but also exudes a sense of wonder and free expression.


Kylie’s painting titled, “Whatever”

It was a true pleasure to spend time with some NRHS students in an art show setting and get to know a little more about their aspirations as young artists. I hope you enjoy the art as much as I do.

All six of the NRHS entries into the art show are below. Please make sure to come to NRHS at the end of the year (date TBD) to see all of these masterful pieces as well as many others across all grade levels at the District-wide art show.


Nessren’s pen drawing of El Jadida, Morocco

Catarina Capone

“Portrait of Maj. Michael E. Colangeli” by Catarina Capone

Caitlin Joy

“Portrait of Russell Joy” by Caitlin Capone

Nadia Rawle

“Still Life” by Nadia Rawle

Nessren Ourdyl

“El Jadida, Morocco” by Nessren Ourdyl

Laura Buscemi

“Star Spangled Soldier” by Laura Buscemi




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A Salute to Service – Drawing and Painting Portraits


Laura Buscemi

Portrait by Laura Buscemi
Capt. Michael J. Downs
Ret. U.S.A.F 1990-2010
Global Wars

Students in Drawing and Painting are proud to present their most recent project that focused on creating dynamic portraits of active duty and veterans of the military. This project was challenging on the surface – to accurately render with pencil their service member’s facial features and textures. It was made more challenging by the fact that many students had to come face to face with a loved one (both living and departed) and render their features as best they could to pay proper tribute.To begin, students cut out shapes from the service member’s photography, roughly 50% of the facial features and other major visual elements. After drawing in the missing pieces they were invited to complete the remaining 50% of the image with whatever medium they chose.

Catarina Capone

Portrait by Catarina Capone
Capt. Michael  E. Colangeli
Ret. Infantry, 10th Mountain Division, 82nd Airborne 1996-1998, 2001-2015
Active in United States Army Reserves
Iraq and Afghanistan Wars


The classes would like to thank Assistant Principal, Mr. Downs for his time and candid recollection of his time in the Air Force. Coming from a military family as well as maintaining a close relationship with fellow veterans, Mr. Downs offered many additional stories of war and what it means to be a soldier.

Please visit this special exhibit which pays a glowing and creative tribute to men (and women) who have chosen to sacrifice themselves for our freedoms. It is currently on display on “Main Street”

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