NRHS Art at the Congressional Art Show


Kylie and Caitlin pose with their fine creations

A dynamic collection of six art entries were submitted to the Sixth Congressional  District Art Show and Competition. The entries included work students in Foundations of Art, Drawing and Painting and Portfolio Preparation. I always try to select work that isn’t just technically proficient but also exudes a sense of wonder and free expression.


Kylie’s painting titled, “Whatever”

It was a true pleasure to spend time with some NRHS students in an art show setting and get to know a little more about their aspirations as young artists. I hope you enjoy the art as much as I do.

All six of the NRHS entries into the art show are below. Please make sure to come to NRHS at the end of the year (date TBD) to see all of these masterful pieces as well as many others across all grade levels at the District-wide art show.


Nessren’s pen drawing of El Jadida, Morocco

Catarina Capone

“Portrait of Maj. Michael E. Colangeli” by Catarina Capone

Caitlin Joy

“Portrait of Russell Joy” by Caitlin Capone

Nadia Rawle

“Still Life” by Nadia Rawle

Nessren Ourdyl

“El Jadida, Morocco” by Nessren Ourdyl

Laura Buscemi

“Star Spangled Soldier” by Laura Buscemi




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A Salute to Service – Drawing and Painting Portraits


Laura Buscemi

Portrait by Laura Buscemi
Capt. Michael J. Downs
Ret. U.S.A.F 1990-2010
Global Wars

Students in Drawing and Painting are proud to present their most recent project that focused on creating dynamic portraits of active duty and veterans of the military. This project was challenging on the surface – to accurately render with pencil their service member’s facial features and textures. It was made more challenging by the fact that many students had to come face to face with a loved one (both living and departed) and render their features as best they could to pay proper tribute.To begin, students cut out shapes from the service member’s photography, roughly 50% of the facial features and other major visual elements. After drawing in the missing pieces they were invited to complete the remaining 50% of the image with whatever medium they chose.

Catarina Capone

Portrait by Catarina Capone
Capt. Michael  E. Colangeli
Ret. Infantry, 10th Mountain Division, 82nd Airborne 1996-1998, 2001-2015
Active in United States Army Reserves
Iraq and Afghanistan Wars


The classes would like to thank Assistant Principal, Mr. Downs for his time and candid recollection of his time in the Air Force. Coming from a military family as well as maintaining a close relationship with fellow veterans, Mr. Downs offered many additional stories of war and what it means to be a soldier.

Please visit this special exhibit which pays a glowing and creative tribute to men (and women) who have chosen to sacrifice themselves for our freedoms. It is currently on display on “Main Street”

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Paul Klee-Inspired Color Variation Paintings


Painting by Kaia Grabar

Students recently delved more deeply into color mixing during the free-form color investigation paintings designed by Olivia Gude. These paintings, inspired by modern painters like Paul Klee (left)Image result for paul klee explore developing a wide variety of colors within a specific hue. Each student chose a base hue and then filled the canvas with many variations of that hue by mixing the hue with black (shade), white (tint), the hue’s complementary (creating neutral colors) as well as mixing with analogous colors (tertiary colors). Students then explore the base hue’s complement as well as applying accent colors as they saw fit.

Stop by Main Street to see 60 inventive ways colors can be harmonized! Here are a few fantastic examples below:


Jessica Stephenson


Nessren Ourdyl


Nina Hanson


Connor Gover


Lauren Meaney


Victoria Grasso


Joshua Zelikman


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Mark Your Calendar – RMLD Art Contest

Flyer HS Art Contest 2018 North Reading

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Mannequins in Motion!


Anatomy and Figure students combined their understanding of basic gesture lines, contour drawing and creating value through line in the “Mannequins in Motion” project.

They were asked to create a series of 6 drawings that convey a progression of motion. Web references were used to give a better visual of the progression of motion.  Students merged gesture marks they found in those images with direct observation sketches of wooden drawing mannequins.

The exhibit is currently on display on “Main Street.” We hope you can check it out!

IMG_8774IMG_8775 (1)IMG_8776 (1)IMG_8777

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Still Life Compositions


Students in Drawing and Painting recently completed a fall-themed still life unit. As a pre-assessment to the unit, students rendering realistic apples with colored pencils and this assignment invited them to experiment with pastels and tinted papers.

The patience and perseverance to complete a still life drawing that possesses a clear light source as well as accurate color application is a true challenge. My hope is that students gained the feeling of satisfaction as each class passed. The development of form (3D shapes conveyed on a 2D surface) is easy to see in any of these fine student works. Please stop by the “Main Street” exhibit to see all of the compositions on display. Click here to see more examples

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New Artwork on Display


I apologize for the delay in posting new student artwork. The studio classroom has been bustling with activity. Many projects are currently on display on “Main Street” as well as the Media Center. Here are some of the recent responses to the Color Grid 2.0 painting assignment. This series of paintings examines the use of primary and secondary colors along with tints and shades of each color. Students mixed all colors from scratch except for the primary colors and applied them in a unique and creative composition.


For many, this project represented their first paintings with full choice and development of composition. Some used reference images for inspiration, while others spontaneously developed patterns and designs. We practiced use of flat and detail round brushes.


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