RMLD 125th Anniversary Art Contest


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Save the Date: Senior Art Show + Reception

Senior Art Show 2019

The exhibit showcases a collection of works ranging from paintings and ceramics to photography and work done outside of school.  Come see work by these talented, driven artists!

Exhibition will on the Main Street at NRHS

Exhibition: Wednesday, May 8th – Wednesday, May 29th

Opening Reception Night: Wednesday, May 8th, 6:30-7:30

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Proud to Display


I’d like to share with you a few independent projects for your visual enjoyment from three juniors. Check them out in person on Main Street. The senior work will be on display during the Senior Art Show May 8th – 29th. These three awesome people have each persevered through creative challenges posed by themselves. Each work has endured rigorous self and peer evaluations. Now, as we’ve returned back to school after April Break, these three are excited to finally exhibit their work.


“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Kennedy Administration”
By Julianna Connor
Being a student interested in both history and politics I feel partially connected to the Irish Catholic President from New England. John F. Kennedy has become a symbol to the people of New England within his short three years in office. He’s become an icon for the ideas of hope and American freedom. His leadership throughout the 1960’s inspired my work, which is supposed to represent a presidential campaign advertisement. The canvas is a collage of news clippings and vintage magazine advertisements from the period.


By Isabella MacCaffrie
In this piece I chose to represent the human form with acrylic paint. I tried my best to execute the piece with a realistic approach but still adding elements of abstraction. This is exhibited obvious in the background but also how I chose to paint the actual person; with harsher, less blended brush strokes. When working on this piece, a peer of mine asked me what the girl portrayed name was. I said I didn’t know until someone jokingly suggested the name Constance, and I just knew that was her name.


“Urban Tranquility”
By Laura Buscemi
I find that a world we normally view as busy, chaotic, and fast paced can sometimes have it’s own feeling of serenity. The unknown can be a scary place, but there are moments when it holds great beauty. Life is like an ocean in that it’s a vast collection of mystery. It could be quiet and still or there could be rough waves. Either way, we have to let our fears sink and take risks if we want to be able to swim amidst the chaos.

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Spring Flowers in Full Bloom


Ben Giunta’s electric work

Bold in color and expression, Drawing and Painting students are currently showing spring bouquet paintings on Main Street. This two-day project called upon observational drawing practices and merging them with loose expression which has been practices daily during the abstract painting unit (more on that soon).


Jeny Collin’s calculated marks come to life here

Harmonizing colors as well as shapes were a focus as well as creating a sense of light and direction through simple gesture marks. The work is completed only after the artist applies expressive gesture marks and signs their signature using pen and ink.


I think my grandmother is going to love seeing this on Easter. 

This project was also the focus of Mr. Dexter’s Parent University session, Anyone Can Draw…Yes, This Means YOU!  Here is the session description:

“Don’t let past experiences fool you. Drawing and art are for everyone and anyone.  In fact, it is a great way to relax and respond to your world in a uniquely intimate way.  In this session, participants will learn how to dissect your environment and convey it in a vision that is totally your own.  Just bring an open mind. By the end of this session, in addition to learning some sweet drawing skills, it is hoped that you will also gain an appreciation of the value that K-12 art educators instill in children every day.”  



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Mark your Calendar!

District Art Show Poster 2019

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Foundations of Art Portraits


It’s that time of year when Foundations of Art portraits add vivid colors to Main Street. This time, students were challenged with painting the portrait of their friends, family or pets. Opening up the project parameters resulted in exciting work. I hope you can visit the Main Street exhibit to see for yourself. After we put the paintings on display some students were excited to be photographed next to their masterpieces.

This project started out with a simple photograph using the iPad app, Posterify or a similar app found in the app store, a sharp 2H pencil and a piece of illustration board. Students carefully studied and transposed enlarged versions of their images onto illustration board using observational drawing techniques and utilizing a 1:2 or 1:3 grid. They learned about studio art practices, from palette preparation and learning how to use various types of brushes, to self and peer critiquing processes.


Most of the end results are very interesting and aesthetically pleasing. What you see are several hours of critical analysis as students have not only accurately mixed and applied paints but have further transformed colors, shapes and textures.


I’m so proud of my students for asking the “what if’s” and maintaining open minds throughout the painting process.  The creative and self-discovery opportunities were constant throughout the project and this serves as somewhat uncharted territory for many.



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Faces on Display


Laura Buscemi’s “Front Face” Self-Portrait Study

Anatomy and Figure Drawing students continue to progress in their technical ability to draw the figure. Their ability to perceive and accurately convey contour and form is truly impressive. Here are a few projects that have been on display lately:

The “Front Face” Self-Portrait StudyTo properly convey features and facial characteristics utilization of a full value scale (white to black) is needed.  These drawings represent a springboard to the currently in progress mixed media self-portraits.



We also explored recording our unique characteristics in a single, continuous line. In addition, we studied the careful shifts in contours and bent wire to create wire self portraits.


Next up: Mixed media self-portraits! All of the work thus far will help with one of the most intimidating projects in art.

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