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Bryana Gonzalez, an admissions counselor at MassArt has kindly shared this information about the upcoming National Portfolio Night. I am hopeful that those individuals interested or possibly interested in pursuing art school can attend.
From Ms. Gonzalez:
National Portfolio Day is a fantastic way for your students to gain feedback on their portfolios…from counselors like myself! Art and Design Schools from all across the country will be represented! 
Below is a list of all the locations in which MassArt will be attending! Best of all, it is a free event! I would encourage you, to encourage your serious art students to attend an NPD nearest them.
Because you are (relatively) local to us, I encourage students to visit schools they can not physically get too…they can always come on campus (and do a tour/see student work) at MassArt to do a review with us. However, if they would like to review with us at a Portfolio Day, they are more than welcome to join us!
A couple of tips:
– Students should show up early! Lines for registration can be long.
– Students should plan to see 3-4 schools. All National Portfolio days run for a max of 4 hours.
– Bigger name schools will have longer lines, best to get into those lines at the beginning.
– Students should plan to bring physical work with them OR uploading their work to a personal laptop/ipad etc. Counselors do not always have laptops available to see work. 
– Students should plan to spend about 10-15 minutes with each prospective school. They should be able to talk about their work in an articulate way. 
National Portfolio Day Dates (Mass Art attending near you):
Hartford NPD (October 21st), Boston NPD (October 22nd), NYC PD (November 12th).
Please click (HERE) to view a full list of dates and locations (scroll to bottom of page)
I will personally be at each of these events and I hope your students are able to take a part of this awesome opportunity!
Additionally, please feel free to take a tour of our campus and facilities via our new Virtual Tour!
I look forward to seeing you in the future!
All the best,
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MassArt Visits NRHS


Bryana Robinson, local MassArt representative visited Art Portfolio and Anatomy and Figure Drawing this past Thursday. Her presentation included admissions information, program offerings and a view into campus life. This was an important presentation for all students because it gave in-depth insight into what a high quality school looks for in a student, beyond raw artistic talent.



Bryana took the time to speak with students about their respective portfolios. It was enjoyable to see the students so engaged in Bryana’s presentation, which, I’m sure sparked many questions and possibly new ideas to each of the students.


There is additional information and literature available to students in AR-8.

For more information regarding both schools click on the links below:


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Montserrat Visits NRHS


Jon Bolles, Admissions Councelor from Montserrat visited with Figure Drawing and Art Portfolio students today and plans to return tomorrow to talk to two sections of Drawing and Painting. Mr. Bolles is a 2012 graduate of the school and offered students an intimate view of Montserrat’s artistic expectations as well as insight into what campus life is like.


Mr. Bolles devoted time to talk with many individual students about their potential portfolio pieces.  He was a large help in giving the students a better understanding of art college expectations and realities.

Fore more information on Montserrat and their undergraduate as well as pre-college art programs click here

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A Contest for Edward Gorey Fans!

Envelope Contest

Click here for details!

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And they’re off!!


Two sections of both Foundations of Art, and Drawing and Painting, and one section of Art Portfolio and Anatomy and Figure Drawing are off to a fast start. In the first week and a half all classes have immersed themselves in a series of drawing exercises designed to encourage the right hemisphere of the brain to perform the drawing tasks. Students worked through “vase face” sketches, blind and semi-blind contour hand sketches, and traditional “upside-down drawing” practices.


All courses will soon deviate from one another and begin their own respective projects but it has been important to run through some initial drawing exercises to activate the right hemisphere of the brain to better handle the artistic challenges all artists will soon face.

To learn about each drawing exercise, Betty Edward’s popular book, Drawing for the Right Side of the Brain is a great start.  

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What a Show!


Morgan and Thomas were great contributors to the show, including their creation (with Laura Wagner) of the Starry Night photo booth

Thank you to the terrific NR Visual Arts team for making the Annual District Art Show such a success. The reception included hundreds of the finest, most creative art pieces from all grade levels. In addition to the art, those in attendance also got to play around with the Starry Night photo booth and the variety of funny cutout paintings created by teachers and students.


It was a lot of fun to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they showed their work to their friends and family. Students got to reconnect or meet for the first time the art teachers that will be helping them channel their creativity through grade 12.


IMG_6227 IMG_6230

We hope you can stop by and visit the show which is open until May 12th.  Here are a few more pictures of the exhibit.

IMG_6213IMG_6217IMG_6220IMG_6221IMG_6222IMG_6223IMG_6224IMG_6226IMG_6228IMG_6229IMG_6231 (1)


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Come See Us!

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