NRHS at 6th Annual Congressional Art Awards


As usual, the Congressional Art Awards at Montserrat College of Art was packed with amazing high school artwork. The awards reception was held this past Saturday at the 301 Cabot Street Gallery in Beverly. I was honored to share in my students’ recognition of excellence with Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Bernard. Also in attendance at the reception was Congressman Seth Moulton.

It was an honor to meet a Congressman Moulton who is a Salem native. As a Marine, he served four tours in Iraq and preceding that spent some time as a video and photojournalist in Afghanistan. He spoke about his appreciation for the arts and his support of artists of all ages.


Laura Wagner, Front Face Study



Alexa Galuppo, My Way


Riley Brunner, Modern Gumby


Morgan Burke, Touching

A special congratulations goes out to Kenzie Iriana and Laura Wagner who received Best of School and Honor Mention Awards, respectively.

FullSizeRender (1)

Aleksa Wilk, Heart Shaped

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Jack Walsh Visits NRHS Art


Students in Art Portfolio and C Block Foundations of Art had a special treat today. Jack Walsh visited the classroom and shared his art with us. Mr. Walsh specializes in bottle etching and found-object sculptures. He talked about the process of etching bottles from start to finish, which includes mastering a variety of tools and materials from sandblasters, ultraviolet films and polymers to design software applications and paints.


It was a really interesting presentation as Mr. Walsh brought in many pieces for students to closely observe and feel. Mr. Walsh is a glowing example of a person who has followed his passion through perseverance and enthusiasm. Below are a few more projects Mr. Walsh brought with him today.

Learn more about Mr. Walsh’s passion here –

Watch the process of creating etched bottles here! and here!


In response to “Opposites Attract” Art Exhibit



120 fine creations made for the Red Sox 


Dragon created with many found objects. The body is what separates power lines!


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Summer Opportunities at Snow Farm

Snow Farm New England Craft School19- 116-small

Snow Farm: The New England Craft Program in Williamsburg, MA has a  summer program for high school students. Parents, this may be a great opportunity for you as well!

dormThe 2 or 4 week residential programs in July are intensive and immersive studios that include clay, glass, fibers, printmaking, painting/drawing, metalsmithing, metal sculpture, and woodworking.

Click here for more information.



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52 DPH (Drawings Per Hour


It is my opinion that we are too often too meticulous and careful in our actions in work and play. Surely,these actions have consequences, but sometimes the best actions and decisions are made in a fraction of the time. This opinion carries into the art making process as well and I imposed this opinion – and a new creative process to Drawing and Painting students the week of 2/6.


Kylie Gorgenyi’s stapler progression

This art making process required students to create drawings starting at a 20 minute limit and speeding up to 3 second gestures at the end.  This activity was borrowed by a teacher I had in graduate school (Haig Demarjian). Each drawing of the object needs to be finished within the allotted time. As the time limits get more stringent, the artist needs to make decisions on simplifying the object and often times combining several marks into a single streak.img_5219

The marks almost turn to abstraction as some artists get so bored with the repetition of several timed sketches completed in a row. As this boredom sets in, this often makes the artist make subconscious decisions that alter the object into something new. In the least, the drawings become quite expressive and the forms become less representational. This shift in approach will catapult us into creating abstract art.

It was important for each student to lay out all of their drawings in timed succession to see how their thought process and muscle memory affected the outcomes. They also enjoyed seeing over 1,600 drawings/paintings strewn across the Main Street hallway.

Check back with us soon for what’s to come!

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A step back into childhood


Students were asked to rekindle connections with that one special toy of their childhood. What was it about that toy? The colors? Textures? Character expression? What did you do with the toy? Where did you take the toy?

This assignment pushed the students to mimic the colors, shapes, textures and expression by utilizing learned techniques and others created through experimentation.

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Free-Form Color Investigations from Foundations




Students recently delved more deeply into color mixing during the free-form color investigation paintings designed by Olivia Gude. These paintings, inspired by modern painters like Paul Klee (left)Image result for paul klee explore developing a wide variety of colors within a specific hue. Each student chose a base hue and then filled the canvas with many variations of that hue by mixing the hue with black (shade), white (tint), the hue’s complementary (creating neutral colors) as well as mixing with analogous colors (tertiary colors). Students then explore the base hue’s complement as well as applying accent colors as they saw fit.


We hope you enjoy! Stop by the Main Street display now on exhibit to see all of the great investigations:



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Aleksa Wilk – Silver Key Winner!


“Quiet Waters” by Aleksa Wilk

It’s with great pleasure to announce that the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards have awarded 11th grader, Aleksa Wilk a Silver Key of Excellence for her painting “Quiet Waters.”

Aleksa has continued to refine her landscapes and this one in particular is a bit special. An award ceremony has been scheduled for March 11th at the Museum of Fine Arts to recognize and celebrate the regional awards recipients.

Checkout her awesome website to see more of her work!

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