Spring Flowers in Full Bloom


Ben Giunta’s electric work

Bold in color and expression, Drawing and Painting students are currently showing spring bouquet paintings on Main Street. This two-day project called upon observational drawing practices and merging them with loose expression which has been practices daily during the abstract painting unit (more on that soon).


Jeny Collin’s calculated marks come to life here

Harmonizing colors as well as shapes were a focus as well as creating a sense of light and direction through simple gesture marks. The work is completed only after the artist applies expressive gesture marks and signs their signature using pen and ink.


I think my grandmother is going to love seeing this on Easter. 

This project was also the focus of Mr. Dexter’s Parent University session, Anyone Can Draw…Yes, This Means YOU!  Here is the session description:

“Don’t let past experiences fool you. Drawing and art are for everyone and anyone.  In fact, it is a great way to relax and respond to your world in a uniquely intimate way.  In this session, participants will learn how to dissect your environment and convey it in a vision that is totally your own.  Just bring an open mind. By the end of this session, in addition to learning some sweet drawing skills, it is hoped that you will also gain an appreciation of the value that K-12 art educators instill in children every day.”  



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