Still Life Compositions with a Personal Touch


Nessren Ourdyl – “Still Piece of My LifeThe composition was curated around the meaning of “home” to me. Items like the tagine and camel are from Morocco, while tickets and stamps are from the US. The objects blend two different cultures to make what I associate with the comfort of home.

Art Portfolio and Drawing and Painting students have a big reason to celebrate as they have just conquered their own still life compositions. They were tasked to assemble objects that speak to their personality, heritage or even just a collection of objects that seemed to fit together. Each piece speaks for itself, although some students have chosen thoughtful titles and brief descriptions.


Cat Capone’s Masterpiece


I certainly recommend that you visit the Main Street exhibit to gain a full appreciation of this work. The still life unit is a culmination of observational drawings beginning with rendering tennis balls (graphite only) and then apples (colored pencils). Many warm up sketches also aided in final composition decisions as well as  and this assignment invited them to experiment with materials of their choosing.


Laura Buscemi – “Stepping Through Seasons”


Chloe Copelas – “Favorites of Fall”

Students demonstrated patience and perseverance to complete this work still life. My hope is that students gained the feeling of satisfaction as each class passed. The development of form (3D shapes conveyed on a 2D surface) is easy to see in any of these fine student works. And, to finalize the compositions, students mounted and matted their work to make their art truly exhibition-ready.



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