Wire By Ryan Visits NRHS


Artist, Ryan Kelley visited NRHS last week to share his awe-inspiring wire sculpture art to a group of powerblock students last week. Mr. Kelley is self-taught and self motivated. He has refined a unique style of sculpture that transcends age and culture as it has sold all over the world and has received praise from young and old.


Mr. Kelley brought with him a tool box which contained some basic tools which he uses on any of his creations: multiple gauges of wire, wire cutters and needle-nosed pliers. He prides himself in the handmade process of his work and insists on developing beautiful work through countless hours of building, brainstorming and harvesting the ideal materials for each sculpture. There may be methods to making his trees on assembly lines but he insists there are no shortcuts to arriving at his end results.

Students were each given a piece of wire to manipulate. As Mr. Kelley’s lecture progressed he highlighted various techniques that the students were experimenting with that he also utilizes in his work.


Regardless of medium, Mr. Kelley wanted to reinforce the importance of broadcasting one’s own creations out to anyone and everyone. He is a huge fan of social media and sells most of his work through his Facebook and Instagram pages.

I hope Mr. Kelley visits NRHS again soon. Click here to check out his website, wirebyryan 



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