Paul Klee-Inspired Color Variation Paintings


Painting by Kaia Grabar

Students recently delved more deeply into color mixing during the free-form color investigation paintings designed by Olivia Gude. These paintings, inspired by modern painters like Paul Klee (left)Image result for paul klee explore developing a wide variety of colors within a specific hue. Each student chose a base hue and then filled the canvas with many variations of that hue by mixing the hue with black (shade), white (tint), the hue’s complementary (creating neutral colors) as well as mixing with analogous colors (tertiary colors). Students then explore the base hue’s complement as well as applying accent colors as they saw fit.

Stop by Main Street to see 60 inventive ways colors can be harmonized! Here are a few fantastic examples below:


Jessica Stephenson


Nessren Ourdyl


Nina Hanson


Connor Gover


Lauren Meaney


Victoria Grasso


Joshua Zelikman


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2 Responses to Paul Klee-Inspired Color Variation Paintings

  1. claudia brown says:

    Beautiful! I wonder if Paul Klee is related to Dale Klee (artist who specializes in antique car art)


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