Julie Beck and John Asimacopoulos share their stories


Drawing and Painting and Art Portfolio classes had the great privilege of sitting in on a wonderful lecture about finding one’s own path in the visual arts and life. Julie Beck visited Anatomy and Figure Drawing back in the fall and it was very inspirational for all in attendance. On Tuesday, the inspiration was once again palpable. Julie and John’s paths both started quite removed from the visual arts as Julie started her schooling to be an engineer and John spent many years as a pre-med student before realizing his true calling – to be an artist. Today, both artists are immersed in their art at the Academy of Realist Art Boston.


They reinforced the importance of working hard, even tirelessly to achieve greatness in what you do. They confessed to working far beyond the traditional 40 hour work week in their current work as artists. However, both artists happily admitted that they both truly feel fulfilled through their art practice.

Julie Beck “Not My Circus” Oil on Canvas 2016

Both artists invited all in attendance to visit them in their studio two blocks from South Station.  Check out Julie’s website as well as the Academy of Realist Art Boston.


http://www.araboston.com/ – contains nudity

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