Bob Ross Day

Image result for bob ross christmas eve snow

The last day before vacation was a “Bob Ross Day.” Foundations of Art and Anatomy and Figure Drawing students immersed themselves in the art-making process Bob Ross made into an 11 year-running painting show.

Bob made it all look deceptively easy and we struggled to mimic his brushstrokes with our acrylic paints and black paper (he used primed canvas and oil paints). Nonetheless, we had fun working through his “Christmas Eve Snow” painting.

Image result for bob ross christmas eve snow

Bob Ross’s “Christmas Eve Snow” landscape.

The painting tied in nicely with work Foundations of Art’s cut paper landscapes and line landscapes projects as Mr. Ross was a master at conveying atmospheric perspective with simple visual tricks.

Here are a few student examples as well as my best attempt. Happy New Year!




Kenzie Iriana





Aleksa Wilk


Mr. Dexter


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