Versatile and Experienced Artist Visit


Versatile, talented, kind, generous – just a few words to describe artist, Sharon Morley. I was fortunate to meet Mrs. Morley a few years ago at an art workshop on oil pastel exploration at the Essex Art Center in Lawrence. As the instructor of the workshop, Mrs. Morley brought great enthusiasm and a well-rounded portfolio of work. She mentioned to the small group that she would always be willing to help us out and if we ever got stuck on a project or didn’t know what materials to buy, just call her up! Well, I am so thankful I “made that call.” Mrs. Morley also visited my Drawing and Painting class a couple years ago and since then I’ve been eager to get her back in front of young artists.


Mrs. Morley talks with senior, Natalia V. about an independent project.

Mrs. Morley’s visit included an in-depth artist talk, offering advice on materials, marketing, the creative process and much more. She preached to the students that “you can learn a lot out on your own,” encouraging them to simply visit their local libraries for lots of art books and instructional DVDs.  One of the pieces of advice I hope to take home is her philosophy on developing a studio space. She encouraged everyone to reserve a space for art and “fill it with things you love.” Mrs. Morley’s enthusiasm for carving out time in life to pursue one’s own art journey truly felt infectious.

I am very thankful for Sharon Morley’s sacrifice of time and energy today. She was a wave of creative enthusiasm that I’m guessing will not quickly dissipate.

Click here to see Sharon Morley’s website

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