Understanding Human Anatomy – Simplified

Students in Anatomy and Figure Drawing just completed “simplified anatomy” diagrams that included basic human proportions and labeling of major muscle groups and drawing “landmarks.” This lesson is a part of the year-long process of gaining an understanding of how the human body pushes, pulls, twists and turns. Understanding of these traits, even in simplified terms help artists see the figure as a dynamic form, full of obvious (and subtle) contours and shapes. The diagrams above merge the ideal human proportions originally published by Leonardo da Vinci in his rendering of “The Vitruvian Man” with the introduction of drawing parts of the body as simple shapes that all connect and interact with one another.da_vinci_vitruve_luc_viatour

Though the title,”ideal proportions” is a bit careless to use on a regular basis, the proportional rules da Vinci established are excellent starting points to consider when drawing any human figure.

Students also compared their diagrams with the fitness model shown below to better illustrate the obvious depiction of specific muscles.

Next building block: Master work copies!


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