Musician Portraits on Display


Drawing and Painting students are relieved to have this project under their belts. This was an experimental project, based on the traditional drawing assignment that requires the artist to cut a portrait in half and draw the other side. I decided to ramp up the difficulty and creative avenues as well.

This drawing assignment tested the ability to draw from observation (photograph) as well as manipulating a series of drawing pencils to make an accurate value scale. To begin, students cut out shapes from the musician print out, roughly 50% of the facial features and other major visual elements. After drawing in the missing pieces they cut out, they removed the reference image and practiced applying value with line. They applied  cross-hatching, contour hatching, stippling and other improvised strokes to create a smooth and complete value range that helped convey accurate form and texture found on the reference image. Here are a few more examples. Make sure to stop by the Media Center to see many more!


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