NRHS Welcomes Julie Beck!


Julie Beck visits Anatomy and Figure Drawing

Phenomenal and generous artist, Julie Beck visited Anatomy and Figure Drawing class Friday and talked about her creative process, inspiration and making her expressive mark on the world. Ms. Beck told the class about her realization of the day she proclaimed, “I am an artist” and proceeded to fulfill her passion for painting with a feverish commitment to becoming a great artist. After looking at her work, it is clear her drive has been beautifully realized. Her refined skill is no mistake as she admits to being a tireless artist, always feeling the need to fulfill her artistic desires.

“Conservation of Energy” – 10 by 12, Oil on Canvas Panel

Julie delved into her creative process and how she constructs her paintings. Among the many paintings she talked about she described many of the subtle references and meanings she adds to her paintings. Her self-portrait featured above was a glowing example.

Ms. Beck surely made an impact on her small audience today. She invited students to stay in touch and even stop by her teaching studio at the Academy of Realist Art of Boston, 112 South Street, Floor 2. She is the assistant director and instructor there.

Being a fellow artist, I marvel at Julie’s refined skill and creative vision. She is certainly a person always welcomed back to NRHS.

****NUDITY DISCLAIMER**** Much of the subject matter Ms. Beck focuses on is the nude human form. 

Click here to view Julie Beck’s website.

Click here for the Academy of Realist Art of Boston


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