Art of All Kinds…. But for now, Surreal, Cut-Paper Landscapes

Sorry for the delay, but all classes in the art room have been vigorously working on several different projects. There’s way too many examples to add to one post, be here’s a start. Look for many more posts within the next few days. Enjoy!


Lauren C and Danielle L rocked their city skyline. 

Both Foundations of Art classes recently completed surreal, cut-paper landscapes. The project asked students to re-create a landscape photograph using only cut pieces of colored paper. Creative use of line to form shapes and color to divide spaces were employed to show emphasis, convey depth and atmosphere. The colors chosen had to be opposite the ones found on an original photograph. To begin, students drew mock-up drawings, to help plan how they’d convey forms and atmospheric perspective – not an easy task! They had the choice of creating a tiny landscape 3”x 2”, medium 12” x 12”(or greater) and huge landscape 65’’ x 45’’. 

The results are pretty cool and we invite you to check them out on Main Street and in the academic wing. We would also like to give a special thank you to fellow art teacher, Brett Kunze for building the brackets that are holding up the 65’’ x 45’’ landscapes.


The process with a tiny cut-paper landscape pictured in the center



Isabella Parrott and Hannah Lord – 65’’ x 45’’!!


Gaia Hess and Julia Smith – 65’’ x 45’’!!


Lily Albano and Maddy Cullen – 65’’ x 45’’!!

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