Mass Art and Montserrat Visits

img_3613    massartlogo

Bryana Robinson, local Mass Art representative visited Art Portfolio and H Block Foundations of Art this past Thursday. Her presentation included admissions information, program offerings and a view into campus life. This was an important presentation for all students because it gave in-depth insight into what a high quality school looks for in a student, beyond raw artistic talent.


Bryana took the time to speak with students about their respective portfolios. It was enjoyable to see the students so engaged in Bryana’s presentation, which, I’m sure sparked many questions and possibly new ideas to each of the students.

I am excited o invite Bryana and Mass Art back to NRHS on October 20th, where she will present to Drawing and Painting.

Any students who would like to sit in on this upcoming presentation should see me, Mr. Dexter in AR-8. img_3612

Also, a representative from Montserrat College of Art will be visiting AR-8 on October 14th!

There is additional information and literature available to students in AR-8.

For more information regarding both schools click on the links below:



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