Scaled Objects Show – June 7th!!


The wait is finally over to see the Foundations of Art 10x everyday scaled objects. The results have exceeded all of our expectations and we are ready to celebrate and show off our work.“> Please join us on Main Street at NRHS on June 7th from 6-7 to view all of the objects on display. From a pair of sunglasses to Boston cream donut, check out the wide range of student creativity and quirkiness.


Students have been working on these objects for a long time and have finally made them show worthy. After studying the objects carefully, students recorded the exact dimensions and visual characteristics on graph paper. In addition, they studied the work of Claes Oldenburg and his world famous urban sculptures such as “Spoonbridge and Cherry” located in Minneapolis.


The project aimed to teach students about developing form using minimal materials and utilizing various painting techniques to further portray an object’s true shape and texture. 


Also on display are the 2x scaled prototypes which helped students understand both the “skin” and the “skeleton” or armature needed for the 10x scaled objects. Within each 10x scaled object are strategically placed materials to ensure durability and accuracy of form.


We hope you enjoy our hard work. And, thank you to all of you who contributed cardboard boxes, paper bags and paper towel rolls to this project.


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3 Responses to Scaled Objects Show – June 7th!!

  1. Claudia Brown says:

    I am definitely in the bidding for the daisy!


  2. jrawle128 says:

    Do they get 10x the marks in Edline?


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