District Wide Art Show


Before it’s over make sure to make it to the Main Street exhibit. On display is a great collection of some of the most creative, expressive and carefully executed art projects from grades K-12.


2X Scaled Object Prototypes by Emily Dwyer and Yllara Maia (Pear) and Kylie Gorgenyi and Ryan Hunter’s Camera

The exhibit opening was on this past Tuesday and was well attended by artists, their families and members of the NRPS Art Department.


Senior, Emma Hoey’s “Surreal Hand” project – pen and ink with watercolor

It was a great pleasure talking to students and their families and sharing in the celebration of art projects well done. It is always a fulfilling experience watching students talk to their families about their work. Often times it can be taken for granted the process and skills developed that are essential toward creating.


Senior, Caitlin Nearing’s carefully executed self-portrait from Anatomy and Figure Drawing

Talking about the work can also demystify the process of creating art. Surely, there is a lot of raw talent on display but more often are glowing examples of persistence, following time-tested processes and refined creative visions.


From Drawing and Painting, Brooke Sponzo’s copy of a Monet landscape, “Shadow’s on the Sea” and her “reminiscent” painting, “Shadows on the City”

Stay tuned for more artwork going on display in the next few weeks!

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