Recreating Masterpieces


Nick Selfridge making progress on his cubist-era masterwork

We’ve all heard the phrase”imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and it certainly applies to work Drawing and Painting students. Students were recently introduced to many of the common art movements throughout the ages, from the Renaissance to the Modern era.


Jordan Celli tackling Edgar Degas. Hey, no one said this was going to be easy!

Students spent time researching an artist that resonated with them, either aesthetically or through their personal stories. Once an artist was identified, students looked closely at the painting of their choice and analyzed its many qualities such as brush strokes, color scheme, mood, subject matter, to name a few.

They started out with applying a one-inch grid to a printout of their art and then applied a grid two to three times larger on a canvas of their choice.


The process of recreating a masterwork is an important one. It encourages the artist to study everything about the painting and the process encourages sharp focus, high craftsmanship and keying colors carefully. This project also highlights many typical processes of creating a painting, from working in layers to when to add in details. This project will act as a launching point for art reminiscent of the master works but more unique to each student. Stay tuned!


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