Let me lend you a hand…


Hannah Brogan’s Self Portrait

It’s been quite a gap since my last entry but all of the art classes have been super productive and creating some really excellent work. At this time of year the expectations on skills, craftsmanship and studiousness are elevated and my students have not disappointed. Here is the first update of many to come!

Anatomy and Figure Drawing:

IMG_0566 (2)

Gillian Audier’s Self-Portrait

Students have transitioned from learning about the self portrait process to drawing hands. One effective way to gain confidence drawing hands is through blind contour and standard contour drawing practices. There is the common misconception among viewers and artists for that matter that art takes a lot of time to generate. This is true, sometimes. The blind contour drawing process takes less than 3 minutes and the results convey keen attention paid to the hands and although the results vary greatly, the amount of accurate information transposed onto the paper is immense.

IMG_0637  IMG_0635

After contour drawings were created, students transitioned to standard contour drawings, focusing on the edges and lines within the hand. This observational practice enhances the artist’s ability to render any subject matter.

Next up: Merging contour hand drawings with surreal imagery we get from our subconscious memory.

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One Response to Let me lend you a hand…

  1. Claudia Brown says:

    It’s impressive when one can recognize the student in the picture before seeing the name!


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