Self Portraits on Display

Joanna Keaton shows off her masterpiece in the Media Center

Joanna Keaton shows off her masterpiece in the Media Center

The wait is finally over! It all started with a simple “selfie” using the iPad app, Posterify, a sharp 2H pencil and a piece of 24” x 36” illustration board. Dating back to mid-October, students carefully studied and transposed enlarged versions of their “selfie” images onto illustration board using observational drawing techniques. They learned about studio art practices, from palette preparation and learning how to use various types of brushes, to self and peer critiquing processes.

Brett replicates his animated pose

Brett replicates his animated pose


Chloe and McKayla take a minute to pose with their self-portraits


Come to Main Street to get a closer look at Jillian and Christina’s work


The end results are stunning. What you see are several hours of critical analysis of a very intimate subject matter, the self-portrait. Most students have not only accurately mixed and applied paints but have further transformed colors, shapes and textures.

I’m so proud of my students for asking the “what if’s” and maintaining open minds throughout the critiquing processes. This assignment has taken longer than I had initially planned but the creative and self-discovery opportunities were constant throughout the projects.

The A & D block Foundations of Art students invite you to browse the “Main Street” portrait exhibit. There will be approximately 50 portraits rotated in the exhibit and other school locations.




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2 Responses to Self Portraits on Display

  1. Incredible! Every single one belongs in the MFA! I am so glad that my daughter is part of this talented group. Can’t wait to see the next project!


  2. Joan Crotty says:

    Talented kids! All so unique!


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