Nearly Completed Self Portraits


Mia DeNofrio and Jillian Coveney apply finishing touches.

55 Foundations of Art students are excited to have nearly completed their self portraits. The portraits started with carefully drawn portraits based on photographs created using the school’s iPads. Students uploaded their “selfies” into the app, Posterify with the intent of enhancing the images with colorful filters and image distorting tools. The app also simplifies lines and values making the daunting challenge drawing self-portraits more manageable.


Bridget O’Neill has been keenly focused throughout the project…



……And continues to apply haunting detail

As the paintings developed, students strayed from the likeness original printouts from Posterify and integrated their own creative processes. We regularly reviewed the value in different types of brushes as well as color relationships.

Students also regularly critiqued their own work and their peers’ paintings with the goal of gaining multiple perspectives of what the views see. They are beginning to realize that painting a portrait (or really anything) is a building process requiring seemingly countless decisions about color, shape and textures.


Andrew Crotty and Tyler Cullen work on building unity throughout their compositions

I am so impressed with my students for their persistence, patience and care throughout the painting process. It is exciting to see how much talent NRHS has in this initial art course, Foundations of Art. It will be fun to see how these students’ creativity flourishes in any of the NRHS art courses in the coming years.

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