Simplified Color Mixing in Foundations of Art


Jill and Mia showed exceptional persistence throughout the challenging color grid assignment.

We have all seen the seemingly endless choices of color. Looking for red? Well, what kind of red? Primary, bright, venetian, alizerin crimson hue, naphthol crimson, quinacridone, and red oxide are just a few of the choices available to us. The truth is that all of these reds and all colors, really, are combinations of red, blue, yellow and white. By understanding the basics of color theory we are able to make color palettes that are truly unique therefore almost encouraging the painter to apply paint that is much more interesting and complex.


Tyler and Andrew always put forth consistent effort

Students in Foundations of Art are currently feeling both energized and relieved that they have completed my color grid assignment. By utilizing only the primary colors and white, students filled in color grids that offer complex shades and tints of the primary and secondary colors. Through self-discovery, students have gained an appreciation for grey and black – created by mixing the primary and secondary colors together. These rich colors offer much more complexity and depth than “out of the bottle” blacks and greys.

IMG_0071 IMG_0072

The color mixing assignment has helped students prepare mixing paints for their carefully drawn portraits. Mckayla and Jill are off to an excellent start keying color and utilizing the unique qualities of the round brush.

Many more updates coming soon!


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