Anatomy and Figure Drawing and Drawing and Painting Updates

IMG_4341 (2)

In Anatomy and Figure Drawing students have developed diagrams that merge the rules of human proportions with the simple shapes that can be used to convey the shape of major muscle and bone groups. These renderings have been useful guides as students continue to look for forms and the human mechanics that are critical in understanding when rendering the human form. Currently, students are using wooden skewers to properly size up the proportions of model skeletons. Students will soon be working on an interdisciplinary study of Dia De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) with Mrs. Quigley’s Spanish classes. It makes sense to merge the aesthetic emphasis of the holiday with Mexican tradition and the Spanish language.

IMG_4356      IMG_4352

In Drawing and Painting we recently updated one of the display cases on Main Street with Charcoal Trees. The trees were initially intended only for the DDM (District Determined Measure) to assess the students’ initial proficiency with only a few basic materials.

Currently, we are working with fall-themed still-life arrangements. Students are using easels and also utilizing wooden skewers to achieve proper proportions of the objects in relation to one another.


Oh, and we have had a couple visitors curious to see what’s been going on in the new rooms! These guys lurked right outside our studio door for an entire afternoon. Who knows, maybe they just wanted to paint or pose for us?


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2 Responses to Anatomy and Figure Drawing and Drawing and Painting Updates

  1. Very cool to see what students are doing. Everyone is so talented! I encourage you to keep sending out updates.


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