Artist Visits NRHS – Drawing and Painting


On Tuesday, June 16, fine artist, Sharon Morley talked art with Drawing and Painting students. Started out as a self-taught artist roughly 15 years ago, Mrs. Morley has created landscapes, portraits and still-life paintings that have shown in local galleries, public spaces and private homes.

Mrs. Morley spoke to NRHS students about her artwork and the various challenges and opportunities specific projects have presented her with. After the presentation, Mrs. Morley offered individual critiques to students working busily on their final independent projects. Her unique perspective with the materials and her wide breadth of project experience was very valuable to have in class even just for a day.

IMG_3924 (1)

I took a pastels course with Mrs. Morley at Essex Art Center in Lawrence and was impressed by her down-to-earth, logical approach to art making and promoting one’s own art. At that point I knew it would be a real treat to have her visit NRHS. Mrs. Morley presents art as relaxing and positive element that anyone can tap into. She openly describes the materials one should use and offers “anytime” help to all of her old and new students.

Thank you, Sharon Morley for being so generous with your time and energy!

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