Food Photography, Double Exposures and More!

Alaina McNall

Alaina McNall

Before sinking our teeth into food photography, students learned about double exposure photography. Double Exposure photographs occur when the film in a standard camera is locked in place during two consecutive exposures resulting in an interesting overlay of imagery. Our Nikon D3100 DSLR cameras unfortunately do not have double exposure settings so we delved into advanced Photoshop techniques to mimic the double exposure effect.

While the final exam preparations are underway students are asked to complete a final one page advertisement of their favorite food item at Ryers Country Store. Students learned about the variety of intertwined careers in food photography such as food stylists, magazine editors and chefs. The final assignment puts the student photographers in charge of the food styling, photography and advertising.

Becca Clark

Becca Clark

Straightforward tips were reviewed and then implemented in a warm-up class where students got to shoot Dunkin Donuts. In most cases, students were able to handle their craving for sweets in time to shoot their goodies at a few different angles.

In Drawing and Painting, students are hard at work on their final independent projects. To kick off the projects they filled out proposal sheets that asked them questions like, “How does this project challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone?”

Stay posted to see enticing photographs from the Ryers shoot as well as the independent projects in Drawing and Painting.

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4 Responses to Food Photography, Double Exposures and More!

  1. Claudia Brown says:

    healthy food next time? : )

    Great work!


  2. Mike Celani says:

    Great Pictures!! The class got to walk to Ryers?!


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