Drawing and Painting – Lots of Student Work!

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The Annual District Art show was a big success. Art work from all levels, K-12 were on display on “Main Street” at NRHS. Before showing off current student work,  here are a few shining examples of what was displayed:

The show ended on April 14th but student work can still be found throughout the school. We recently worked on a quick painting assignment that illustrated the seemingly endless ways one perceives basic instructions and then translates basic instructions through one’s creative filter. All students followed the same six prompts, allowing their creative expression to run wild throughout:

1. Draw a line that starts at the top of the canvas and ends before the bottom

2. Draw a horizontal line the length of your pencil on the lower half of the canvas.

3. Draw three diagonal lines that all connect with either the horizontal or vertical lines.

4. Draw ten broken lines.

5. Draw three circles.

6. Draw three additional shapes that are both inside and outside of the circles.

And the exploration through mediums and various ways of working through art making methods continues. The current assignment asks students to generate imagery through making marks with no preconceived plan of form and composition.


Kalei Griffin – Mark Making


The process of making marks to generate ideas and imagery can be liberating but also daunting. The trick is to continuously add and revise marks and maintain a level of flexibility throughout the process. As the marks turn into form and then into cohesive compositions the artists should continuously make marks, turning their canvases often and even cut their canvases in half with scissors. The assignment is as much about problem solving and taking chances as it’s about making a quality piece of art. The charcoal sketches below are marks made from the first of four classes.



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