Annual District Art Show – April 1 – 15

Marissa Galuppo's fine example of local fall color will be on display.

Marissa Galuppo’s fine example of local fall color will be on display.

Most people think they need to go to a prestigious gallery to get a glimpse of a famous painting. However, you really don’t have to leave North Reading to see wonderful examples of master works. The Annual District Art Show will feature master work copies of Vincent van Gogh. In addition, the show will feature fine art across many mediums. The best work from Digital Photography, Drawing and Painting, Foundations of Art, Graphic Design and more will be displayed on Main Street.

Enjoy creative expression through all grade levels K-12. The Visual Art Department hope to see you at the official show opening on April 9th from 5 pm – 7 pm. Come support your friends and peers in this special opportunity to showcase their great art. Mr. Dexter has chosen the following students to showcase their work:

Montana Robertson
Francesca Elliott
Alyssa Rolli
Christopher Leighton
Kyle Galvin
Jeffrey Nathan
Aleksa Wilk
Ally Budny
Carli Marie Eldridge
Hannah Exum
Carly Sponzo
Hannah Brogan
Kate Pecora
Bekah Leavitt
Marissa Galuppo



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