Digital Photography and Drawing and Painting Updates

photo (2)

Kate Pecora tackles “Swan Lake” by Leonid Afremov

Drawing and Painting Update:

As artists we are influenced and educated by art of the past and present. Drawing and Painting students have chosen an artist that they appreciate and find intriguing. Delving into another artist’s work helps us understand our own work. After thoroughly researching a particular painting,  students have started making a “master work copy.” By placing a grid on the master work printout that corresponds to the grid on their canvas, students are making scale copies of master works. Paintings by Monet, Klimt, Vermeer and others are being closely analyzed as students are doing their best to capture not just the technical qualities but also the essence of master works. Look for some of these works at the Spring Art Show.

Digital Photography Update:


Photo by Julie Emrich

Students had some fun in a recent assignment called, “Scale Confusion.” They were asked to use scale  to create a series of images that intentionally trick the eye into thinking the focal points in the image are believable and on the same picture plane. The concept is simple, but the execution demands thoughtful placement of visual elements and precise exposure control. Deep depth of field, created when the lens opening on the camera (aperture) is very small is essential to having all objects on the picture plane in focus. Therefore, the shutter speed and camera ISO settings have to be carefully adjusted to ensure an even exposure.

Currently, students are learning about the advantages of using tripods and studio lighting in a new assignment requiring them to make social concerns posters using objects from home. Stay tuned for more examples of student work and upcoming projects.

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