Color Theory Portraits

photo 4

Brenna Linnane

photo 2

Hannah Exum

Drawing and Painting Update:

Students recently completed their “Color Theory Portraits.” A few weeks ago I teased a few photographs of their progress. The assignment asked students to draw their portraits from a photograph and then divide the composition 14 times in an interesting and creative way. Some have used straight lines, others circular and curved. The following color theory schemes have to be used two times in the composition equally 14 sections: primary, secondary, complementary, tertiary, triadic, analogous and  monochromatic. It is wonderful seeing the many creative interpretations of the assignment.

Caitlin Nearing

Caitlin Nearing

photo 3

Derek Laporte


Kalei Griffin

Kalei Griffin

Want to see more of these examples? Mark your calendar for the Spring Art Show. Date TBD.

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