2014 Reflections

Time to say thank you


Goodbye 2014!

As 2015 approaches tonight I am thankful for so much. Surely, I could gush about how great Mrs. Dexter is, but I will spare you that message. In the second half of 2014 I was introduced to North Reading High School. Actually, I was introduced to much more that the school. I was introduced to an entire COMMUNITY. The conversations started with Principal AJ Loprete and Superintendent Jon Bernard. They spoke about North Reading and how inviting the town is, how invested the community is in the school, and how wonderful the students are. I quickly sensed immense pride in being a part of North Reading Public Schools. I am thankful for the warm welcome and the continued support by Mr. Loprete and Mr. Bernard.

The next person I was introduced to was Brett Kunze, veteran art teacher at NRHS. He has been super helpful. From curriculum planning to everyday teaching advice, Mr. Kunze has been wonderful.  However, beyond the nuts and bolts of the position, I appreciate his calm and friendly demeanor as we cross paths several times a week. I would also be remiss to not thank my teaching peers at NRHS. Most notably, Mrs. Kane and Mr. Spinney have proven to be invaluable mentors and friends.


Hello 2015!!

Last but certainly not least I am very thankful for my students in Digital Photography and Drawing and Painting. It has been a great pleasure getting to know you. I appreciate your flexibility, openness to change, and the energy you bring to the classroom everyday.

I am extremely excited about all of the challenges and possibilities 2015 has to offer.

********The 2014 and 2015 photographs in this post were created by Photo Club members, Zoe Kennedy and Victoria Grasso. These photos are examples of “light painting.” Don’t worry Digital Photography students, we will explore light painting soon!

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