Advertising a North Reading Favorite

Ryers Ad (4)

Chris Leighton’s carefully crafted advertisement

If you live or work in North Reading or simply a passerby, you know Ryers Country Store. Just about any and all North Reading students have visited “The Heart of North Reading” for a snack after school. As a teacher, it seemed just too logical to align the students’ history with the store with digital photography class.

Frankie Elliott

Well done, Frankie Elliott!

Students were asked to create a one page print advertisement for Ryers Country Store. I required the advertisements to have at least six edited photographs that illustrated what makes the store unique. After thorough image editing in Photoshop, students placed their images along with text requirements to create an advertisement that would allure a variety of potential patrons into the store.

If you have ever visited Ryers you know how much character is packed into the store. From its vintage signage and furnishings to its several product displays, it is both a challenge and a photographers “gold mine” for picture taking.

Thank you to the very friendly management and staff at Ryers for being so accommodating to us.

We hope you enjoy the examples below.  Please feel free to post a comment of the names of students’s advertisements you think are the most effective.


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One Response to Advertising a North Reading Favorite

  1. Claudia Brown says:

    Love Ryer’s! Great job kids…


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