Sneak Peek – Color Theory Portraits

photo 1 (14)


Drawing and Painting Update:

What is better than drawing from the help of a grid? Drawing without one! Students were somewhat annoyed with me when I told them they had to draw images of themselves freehand. I was secretly excited when I told them that we were going to pursue the more challenging but more satisfying way. Without the use of tracing paper (yuck) or utilizing a grid to identify exact points of critical lines and shapes, students practiced observational drawing techniques that we have been actively pursuing since the beginning of the year. They used photo references of themselves and results have been very exciting. Even more importantly, I have sensed feelings of pride and accomplishment by the students.

photo (4)

I’m looking forward to seeing Christianna’s final portrait.


The step that students are working on now is applying colored pencil in an interesting way throughout the composition. But wait, there’s more! This project is designed to re-familiarize them on basic color theory. After the portrait was drawn with pencil, students were asked to divide the composition 14 times in an interesting and creative way. Some have used straight lines, others circular and curved. The following color theory schemes have to be used two times in the composition equally 14 sections.

Primary, secondary, complementary, tertiary, triadic, analogous and  monochromatic.

The final portraits will hopefully be displayed on “Main Street” in NRHS for everyone to enjoy.

photo 2 (12)

Shania M is off to a great start


photo 3 (12)

Ally B’s progress



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