Digital Photography Update


F Block Digital Photo is “all smiles” after conducting a photo shoot (and enjoying snacks) at Ryers Country Store.

All students in Digital Photography with me recently visited Ryers Country Store to conduct a photo shoot. In case you don’t know, Ryers is essentially right across from NRHS and has been a North Reading favorite since 1912. Though the store has been rebuilt and renovated since then the store still has tons of charm.

The assignment asks students to design a one page advertisement promoting Ryers using at least three exterior shots and at least three interior shots. The photographs need to showcase what makes Ryers such a unique and wonderful store. Stay tuned to see the advertisements and much more. Until then, enjoy a few photographs.


Heather Morrissette beautifully captured the vintage bikes attached to the side of the store.


Ellie Burgess nicely captured the store’s facade.


Happy to see Alyssa Rolli get close to her subject matter.


Derek Hogan took full advantage of the rare, empty parking lot.


Such a deal! Nice work Shane Bartlett.



Shallow depth of field – Shane Bartlett








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