Value Drawings and “Found” Letters

photo 1 (11)

Carter Ayer

Drawing and Painting:

The value drawing unit has come to a close. Students analyzed their unique objects over several classes preparing for one final value drawing. The results illustrate the many ways of interpreting 3D objects on 2D surfaces.  Some focused on only their objects, others developed more complete environments for their objects. I appreciate the wide variety of styles and attention to detail. We closed out the unit with a comprehensive critique of each drawing by employing the P.A.T.S. critiquing model:

P – Praise

A – Ask a question

T – Tell what stuck in your mind

S – Suggest an improvement

Up next: “Color Theory Self-Portraits”

photo 5 (5)

Ally Budny

Derek LaPorte

Derek LaPorte

photo 2 (8)

Carli Eldridge

Hannah Brogan

Hannah Brogan

Digital Photography:

Students continue learning about key compositional elements. This time around, they focused on highlighting the use of leading lines in a composition. We discussed the purpose of leading lines; leading the viewer’s eye to the principle subject or another point in the composition. I asked the students to photograph obvious uses of six different kinds of leading lines.

Diagonal Lines

An example of diagonal lines by Alyssa Rolli

3.vertical lines

Gretchen Burgholzer’s submission for vertical lines.


Erika Beherrell’s vision for curved leading lines

Currently, students are finishing up alphabet collages. We spent significant time studying our surroundings and looking for all letters of the alphabet in unsuspecting places like Ipswitch River Park, NRHS and the Batchelder Elementary School playground. The results: an interesting array of visual interpretations. This assignment pushes us to see our surroundings in completely different ways. After taking the photographs, students were able to refine their framed composition in Photoshop. Jeff Nathan did a particularly nice job. Take a look:



Up next: Student blogs, Ryer’s brochures and more compositional rules.

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