Creativity in Action – Two Week Update

Danis, Miles F Still Ghostphoto 1 (10)

All Digital Photography and Drawing and Painting classes have certainly settled in over the past two weeks. I apologize for not posting an update sooner but the unleashed creativity has taken precedence over the blog. Here’s a snapshot of what’s been happening in both classes:

Digital Photography:

We have explored color temperature and how to adjust white balance settings on our cameras. However, most of our time has been spent delving deeper into shutter speed controls. How do we freeze an object in motion? How would we enhance the appearance of an object in motion? And, how can we make a person appear as a ghost in a photograph? All of these questions have been answered and we have become much more comfortable with adjusting the F-stop and ISO settings to make an even exposure in the process.

Galuppo, Marissa G Still Ghost 2

Super slow shutter speeds – just in time for Halloween! We started with 10 second shutter speeds and even went slower at times.

ghost 2

Even ghosts can be macho.

Todisco Taylor F motion

A slower shutter speed can be used to illustrate motion. Students had to show motion while maintaining background clarity and an even exposure.

Stelmah Dima F 4.2 1-800 ISO 800 Frozen (1)

Students learned that very fast shutter speeds such as 1/500 of a second are perfect for freezing motion. It’s always a plus when you have a student who can juggle!

Drawing and Painting:

Still sticking with mainly 2H and 2B pencils, we have thoroughly analyzed objects of our choosing and have begun final, fully detailed renderings of our objects.

photo 3 (7)

Just three minutes was all Alexa needed to sketch her dog figurine.


Though this analysis has been exhaustive, most of the students have expressed that they feel much more confident in accurately transposing their  3D objects on a 2D surface. The biggest gains in this process likely happened when students were given tight time constrictions to sketch their objects.

photo 3 (6)photo 2 (5)

More specifically, students were instructed to sketch their objects in time increments of 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 8 minutes, 6 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute and even a 30 second sketch! Turns out that most students thought that their 6 – 3 minute sketches were their best.

photo 2 (6)

Ten minutes / eight minutes / three minutes / thirty seconds.

These exercises help develop confidence and force one to make quicker decisions and react more to what they see instead of thinking through every single mark. Here are a few examples of the timed sketches. Much more to come soon!




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