Class Updates + Pictures!

Annie Nitzsche

Annie Nitzsche


Drawing and Painting:

This past week students have continued studying objects from direct observation. The objective has been to transfer what is seen opposed to what we already know of the objects (symbols). I’ve told the students to keep their pencils busy and constantly refine and edit their lines.

photo 2 (3)

Carly Sponzo


The sessions build the belief that the correct lines, forms and proportions are developed by continuously adding new marks that inform us of whether or not the old marks will work. The frustration sets in when we judge minimal amounts of lines as the definitive ones. The editing process within a drawing happens from the first line all the way to the last moments of working on a piece.

photo 1 (5)

Christianna Orcel

Students have been asked to sketch objects at home and focus and craft scenes that portray the actual scene they are observing instead of regressing to translating objects as their symbolic imagery. We have also ventured out to the parking lot to sketch one of my favorite drawing subjects – cars!

photo 5 (2)

Kate Pecora

Digital Photography:

This past week we have expanded our flexibility with the DSLR cameras. In fact, this past Thursday and Friday we ventured outside to capture the fall foliage.

Erika Beherrell

Erika Beherrell

Jessica Lezon (2)

Jessica Lezon

The school grounds offer lots of tree and plan life which is almost in peak color. The weather has also presented a nice range of photographic challenges and opportunities for us. Last week’s blend of sunny and overcast weather forced/allowed us to take full advantages of aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.

This week we are exploring Ipswich River Park and getting introduced to Photoshop. Enjoy a few more photos of fall foliage:

Alanna Main Alyssa Rolli Ben Shufro Chris Leighton Dan Madden Lucy March (2) Marissa Galuppo Nick Colangelo


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One Response to Class Updates + Pictures!

  1. Ms Coughlin says:

    I particularly like the one with the focus on the purple flower with the diffused colors in the background. It is a nice contrast of several fall colors at once.


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