First Week Updates

photo 3

I made a point to stop on for a moment as I headed into school for the first day to take this ceremonial shot.

Well, we are certainly off to an interesting start to the school year. So many new beginnings – new school, new classrooms, new classmates and new teachers (like me!) I have appreciated all of the words of encouragement from staff and the friendliness of the student body.

photo 2

My camera phone does not give “main street” in the new high school justice.

Everyone seems to be in a good mood and interested in reaping the benefits of what’s under the roof of NRHS. I am very impressed with the collective pride all members of the staff and student body take in the new school and their town.

photo 4 (1)photo 5

Not many days ago, all of the orange crates on the right were packed into the room on the left in addition to many other storage boxes. Drawing and Painting students got the opportunity on Wednesday to see first-hand all of the wonderful supplies they will be using throughout the year. They were so helpful and self-motivated to take ownership of their classroom with me. Don’t worry Drawing and Painting, you will be drawing a lot starting this Friday. Make sure to pickup a sketchbook, sketching pencils and a plastic eraser!

In Digital Photography, all sections have been familiarizing themselves with various digital camera terminology such as aperture and shutter speed as well as reviewing the syllabus, rules and procedures, and various diagrams that illustrate the parts of the DSLR camera they will be using. In addition, we have paired up “study buddies” so that no one will be left in the dark in regards to missing work and we have gathered email addresses to aid the Google Drive workflow we will use to save and share work.

Stay tuned to see student work and much more!

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